- 15 Feb - Councils to receive 3rd quarter payment
- end Feb - Submission close for consideration for the next allocation

- First week May - Federal Budget to be handed down  
- 15 May - Councils to receive 4th (final) quarter payment 
- end May (except in 2020) - VLGGC to notify councils of their Estimate Allocations (based on Federal Budget)

- June - if applicable, Council receive early payment for next allocation

- early Aug - VLGGC to notify Councils of their allocation
- 15 Aug - Councils to receive 1st quarter payment 
- Aug/Sept - VLGGC Regional Sessions to be held  (2020 held virtually x3)

October-  6 Oct 2020 - 2020 Federal Budget to be handed down 6 Oct 2020 

-  4 Nov 2020 (first Wed) - VLGGC Questionnaire due 
- 15 Nov - Council to receives 2nd quarter payment 

Most dates occur annually, except where year has been stated.
Payments are paid on 15th (or next working day).


The Commission undertakes consultation with councils and other interested parties about its methodology and application of data.

The Commission held:

Regional Information Sessions are held throughout Victoria in August/September.  
In 2020,  the regional sessions were held virtually on 24 August (two sessions) and 4 September.  
The sessions enable the Commission to outline its allocation methodology, provides Council's the opportunity to provide input into the annual grants determination process, and the Commission to listen and respond to councils' issues and concerns.

Individual councils meetings with all Victorian councils on a four year rolling basis.
In 2020, due to the pandemic, the Commission suspended its 2019-20 visitation program with councils from March 2020.
The purpose of these meetings is to provide councils with a detailed overview of the Commission's role and methodology, and how the grant outcomes are determined. The meetings enable the Commission to gain a greater understanding of the issues facing individual councils.


As part of the consultation process each year, Councils have the opportunity to make written submissions regarding the allocations process.

For 2020-21, the Commission received 1 submission from councils :

All submissions received in relation to the next allocations are published in order to allow all councils access to the full range of issues put before the commission for consideration. The views presented in these submissions provide valuable input on aspects of both the general purpose and local roads grant allocation methodologies, including the construction and application of the cost adjustors and cost modifiers used to reflect the local characteristics of individual councils.

Raw Data collected from Councils

Annually, the Commission collects data directly from councils for the calculation of the allocation.  Some data is also collected on behalf of third parties. It is a valuable source of information which has previously been provided to Councils upon request, but is now available online. 

2018-19 council data

Expenditure and Revenue (VGC1) (Excel, 827.8 KB)
Valuations and Rates (VGC2) (Excel, 97.6 KB)
Local Roads (VGC3) (Excel, 41.1 KB)

Capital Assets and Outlays (ABS1) (Excel, 471.4 KB)
Balance Sheets and Other Finance (ABS2-3) (Excel, 139.9 KB)
Road Inventory Expenditure & Financial Data (ALG1) (Excel, 64.2 KB)
Council Employment (LGV1) (Excel, 191.4 KB)

VGC Questionnaire (Excel, 101.7 KB)
VGC Manual (DOCX, 252.4 KB)

2017-18 council data

Expenditure and Revenue (VGC1) (Excel, 825.2 KB)
Valuations and Rates (VGC2) (Excel, 98.6 KB)
Local Roads (VGC3) (Excel, 38.7 KB)

Capital Assets and Outlays (ABS1) (Excel, 473.9 KB)
Balance Sheets and Other Finance (ABS2-3) (Excel, 140.7 KB)
Road Inventory Expenditure & Financial Data (ALG1) (Excel, 63.6 KB)
Council Employment (LGV1) (Excel, 165.6 KB)

VGC Questionnaire (Excel, 102.2 KB)
VGC Manual (DOCX, 253.5 KB)

2016-17 council data

Expenditure and Revenue (VGC1)   (Excel, 811.0 KB)
Valuations and Rates (VGC2)   (Excel, 88.6 KB)
Local Roads (VGC3)   (Excel, 37.8 KB)

Capital Assets and Outlays (ABS1)   (Excel, 469.8 KB)
Balance Sheets and Other Finance (ABS2-3)   (Excel, 139.4 KB)
Road Inventory Expenditure & Financial Data (ALG1)    (Excel, 63.1 KB)
Council Employment (LGV1)   (Excel, 148.2 KB)

VGC Questionnaire   (Excel, 97.4 KB)
Manual   (DOCX, 255.1 KB)

2015-16 council data

Expenditure and Revenue (VGC1)  (Excel, 806.3 KB)
Valuations and Rates (VGC2)  (Excel, 94.1 KB)
Local Roads (VGC3) (Excel, 38.0 KB)

Capital Assets and Outlays (ABS1)  (Excel, 473.6 KB)
Balance Sheets and Other Finance (ABS2-3)  (Excel, 138.2 KB)
Road Inventory Expenditure & Financial Data (ALG1)  (Excel, 62.8 KB)
Council Employment (LGV1) (Excel, 114.8 KB)

VGC Questionnaire (Excel, 94.8 KB)
Manual (DOCX, 238.1 KB)

Conditions of Use
Content from this spreadsheet should be attributed as Victorian Local Government Grants Commission data collection.

The data in these spreadsheets is provided for information purposes only. These spreadsheets are produced from data sourced annually from Local Government (councils) in Victoria.  Councils provide permission for this online release.  The data has been analysed, but the Victorian Local Government Grants Commission does not guarantee the material to be free from error.  For more detailed analysis, it is suggested that you contact the Council(s) for verification of its accuracy and reliability. It is the responsibility of the user to make their own decisions about the accuracy, currency, reliability and correctness of information contained in this data. No responsibility is taken for any information that may appear on any other linked websites.

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