76 of Victoria's 79 Councils will hold elections on 24 October 2020*.

Are you interested in running as a candidate for your council?

In 2020, there is a new requirement that all candidates must complete Local Government Candidate Training before they are able to nominate.

You must complete the training before formally nominating as a candidate.

*South Gippsland, Casey and Whittlesea councils are currently under administration. Elections will be held for South Gippsland in 2021, and 2024 in Casey and Whittlesea.

Local Government Candidate Training is mandatory. 

When you nominate as a candidate with the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) you will be required to make a statutory declaration that you have completed the training. 

Information on these elections is available from the VEC website.

How can I do the training?

Local Government Candidate Training will be available to you online.

It is an easy to use online training module and you will be able to access it on a home computer with internet access. There is no cost, but you must provide identification.

If you need help accessing the training, discuss your requirements with your local council.

When can I do the training?

The training will be available in early August. You will be able to access it here, or through your local council website.

Page last updated: 30/07/20