Local Government Victoria (LGV) works closely with Victoria’s 79 local councils to help improve their business and governance practices. It develops and implements evidence-based policy and projects that strengthen councils' capacity to meet the needs of Victorian communities.

In keeping with spirit of the Victorian State-Local Government Agreement 2014, LGV can facilitate engagement with the sector when a government department or agency:

  • intends for local government to administer or enforce new or revised primary legislation or regulation, or act as an agent and deliver services on its behalf
  • intends to partner with local government to deliver programs
  • intends to fund local government to deliver a program, or
  • when the relationship between the Commonwealth Government and local government may be affected due to legislative or other changes.

LGV may be able to:

  • help identify relevant stakeholders
  • initiate or facilitate connections with the sector and local government stakeholders
  • provide advice on how/when to engage with the local government sector
  • provide high-level advice or feedback of proposed policies or legislation on the impact to councils
  • provide advice on the Local Government Act 2020 and its associated regulations, and
  • share information on a department's behalf through its existing engagements.

Please note that LGV does not conduct consultations on behalf of another department or provide resourcing to councils to facilitate engagement.

Peak Bodies

LGV works closely with representatives from peak bodies and integrity agencies to help councils deliver vital community infrastructure and services to their communities.

Peak bodies in the local government sector help with information sharing and consultations with councils. They can be a useful partner when needing to gain the insights and perspectives of councils, partner on a project or to share information to the right people within councils.

You may find the links below useful, when partnering or engaging with Victoria’s councils and their peak bodies.

Integrity Bodies

LGV works with the integrity bodies to help build transparent, fair, and accountable councils. These bodies ensure compliance with provisions of the Local Government Act 2020 and work to protect the rights of individuals, communities, and councils.

LGV Sponsored Initiatives

Government departments, agencies or organisations may share information with the sector via any of these LGV-sponsored initiatives.

Joint State and Local Government Monthly Forums

These forums bring together the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of Victoria's 79 council and the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) to meet with state government representatives and LGV. The focus of these forums is on issues with major impact on or benefit to the local government sector.

Topics include policy initiatives, proposed legislative and regulatory changes, integrity, culture, funding, grants, and many more. The forum is a good platform for engagement with the CEOs. Government departments, statutory and regulatory agencies can present at these meetings by contacting lgv@ecodev.vic.gov.au

Thinking Local Monthly Newsletter

This monthly newsletter authorised by LGV reaches all council CEOs, mayors, councillors and other council staff.

Government departments, statutory and regulatory agencies can contribute to this newsletter by contacting lgv@ecodev.vic.gov.au

What are Victorian councils interested in

Councils are interested in being engaged with on issues that impact their operations, as well as any legislative reform that may have an influence on areas within their jurisdiction or impact their local communities. This may include but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Planning
  • Building
  • Health services
  • Roads and parking
  • Waste management
  • Community services
  • Animal management
  • Recreation and culture
  • Local laws
  • Emergency management
  • Early childhood education and care.