Local Government Mayoral Advisory Panel

The Minister for Local Government recently invited all Mayors to express an interest in being appointed to the 2019 Local Government Mayoral Advisory Panel (LGMAP).

The deadline for applications was 3 February 2019 and the application process has now closed.

All applicants and the local government sector will be notified of the outcome of the expression of interest process following consideration of applications, and the selection of members by the Minister for Local Government.

As in previous years, the Mayors appointed to the panel will be selected based on their individual experience to provide advice to the Minister on a broad range of topics relevant to the local government sector, rather than representing their council or region.  To ensure diversity of views, regard will be given to geographic location, gender and experience.

Meetings scheduled for 2019: 3 April, 29 May, 31 July and 18 September.

LGMAP's terms of reference (PDF, 452 KB) (accessible version) (DOCX, 124 KB) specifies the role for LGMAP members to provide high level advice on a range of legislative, regulatory, strategic and policy decisions which impact on local government.

More information

Please contact the LGMAP Secretariat, Policy and Strategy, Local Government Victoria.


(03) 9948 8537

Page last updated: 04/02/19