Municipal Monitors

Under section 223CA the Local Government Act 1989, the Minister for Local Government can appoint a municipal monitor to:

  • observe governance processes
  • provide advice to councils that are experiencing governance difficulties

At the end of their appointment, the monitor provides a report to the Minister.

Municipal Monitor Prue Digby was appointed to Frankston City Council in December 2017. Ms Digby will be responsible for monitoring and advising on Frankston City Council's governance processes and practices.

Local Government Investigations and Compliance Inspectorate media release

Terms of reference (PDF, 263.0 KB)

Principal Municipal Monitor Jude Munro AO and Municipal Monitor Peter Dorling were appointed to Greater Geelong City Council to commence in November 2017. The monitors will oversee and assist the council with its progress in implementing:

  • The findings and recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry
  • The findings of the Council’s Workplace Culture Review
  • The good governance framework identified by the Commission of Inquiry
  • Council’s ‘Transformation’ Program and ‘Our Future’ 30-year vision
  • Council’s strategic and financial plans, planning framework and community grants programs

To contact the Municipal Monitors please email:

Municipal Monitor Janet Dore was appointed to Ararat Rural City Council in August 2017. Ms Dore will be responsible for providing support to the council in implementing the Commission of Inquiry’s recommendations and reporting on the council’s progress to the Minister.

To contact the Municipal Monitor please email:

Municipal Monitor Bill Jaboor was appointed to Central Goldfields Shire Council in October 2016. Mr Jaboor provided support during the council's caretaker period while an investigation by the Local Government Compliance and Investigations Inspectorate was underway.  

Municipal Monitor report on Central Goldfields Shire Council - December 2016 (PDF, 475.7 KB)

Following the Victorian Ombudsman's report into the Casey City Council's Special Charge Scheme in Market Lane in June 2016, the Bill Jaboor was appointed as Municipal Monitor to monitor the Council.

Mr Jaboor worked with and interviewed council staff and the Mayor, and talked to community groups and members. Mr Jaboor’s report outlines how the ombudsman’s recommendations and other concerns have been addressed by the council. It also assesses the actions taken aimed to ensure similar governance issues do not arise again.

Municipal Monitor report on Casey City Council - August 2016 (PDF, 117.3 KB)

See also Victorian Ombudsman’s Report of Investigation into Casey City Council’s Special Charge Scheme for Market Lane

Mark Madden and Bill Mountford were appointed as Special Inspectors on 25 June 2015 to assist Darebin City Council address the outstanding issues identified by Municipal Monitor Mr Peter Lewinsky during his term at the council. Their final report was released in November 2015.

Municipal Monitor further report on Darebin City Council (Mr Peter Lewinsky) – June 2015  (PDF, 4.4 MB)

Special Inspectors report on Darebin City Council  (Mr Mark Madden and Mr Bill Mountford) - November 2015 (PDF, 5.4 MB)
Special Inspectors report on Darebin City Council  (Mr Mark Madden and Mr Bill Mountford) - November 2015 (DOCX, 135.7 KB)

Municipal Monitor Peter Stephenson was appointed to monitor the activities and performance of Wangaratta Rural City Council on 8 May 2013. In September 2013 Mr Bill Scales reviewed the reports and investigations into Wangaratta Rural City Council following the October 2012 elections to provide advice as to whether the reports confirm that a case existed for the dismissal of the council.

Municipal Monitor report on Wangaratta Rural City Council - August 2013 (PDF, 8.5 MB)

Review of reports and documents and the provision of advice in relation to the Wangaratta Rural City Council - September 2013 (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Commissions of Inquiry

Where more serious governance failures are identifies, the Minister for Local Government can, under section 209 of the Local Government Act 1989, appoint a commissioner or commissioners to establish an inquiry into a council’s affairs.

Commissioners must conduct their inquiry in accordance with the term of reference and provide a report to the Minister on their findings and recommendations.

Commission of Inquiry into Ararat Rural City Council

Commission of Inquiry into Greater Geelong City Council

Commission on Inquiry into Surf Coast Shire Council

Local Government Panels

Under section 220A the Local Government Act 1989, the Minister for Local Government can appoint a Local Government Panel to:

  • to conduct a review of any matter relating to local government restructuring
  • to advise her or him on any other matter

At the end of their appointment, the panel provides a report to the Minister.

On 2 April 2015, former Supreme Court Judge the Hon Frank Vincent AO QC and Mr John Watson were appointed as a Local Government Panel to carry out a review and provide independent advice into whether Sunbury should separate from the City of Hume and become a local government entity in its own right.

Report of the Local Government (Sunbury Hume Transition Audit) Panel – August 2015 (PDF, 3.1 MB)

On 10 July 2007, a Local Government Panel was appointed to review and recommend whether exceptional circumstances exist that warrant an alteration of the municipal boundary between the City of Melbourne and the Moonee Valley City Council in the suburb of Kensington and that part of the suburb of North Melbourne that lies within Moonee Valley City Council.

Report of the Local Government (Kensington Boundary Review) Panel – November 2007 (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Map of the new municipal boundary

On 12 March 2002, a Local Government Panel was appointed to conduct a review of the feasibility and viability of the Delatite Shire Council becoming two separate municipalities, one being based in Benalla and one being based in Mansfield.

Report of the Local Government (Delatite Shire Council) Review Panel – July 2002 (PDF, 189.7 KB)

Attachments 1 - 5  (PDF, 895.2 KB)
Attachment 4a  (PDF, 1006.7 KB)
Attachment 4b  (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Attachment 4c (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Councillor Remuneration Reviews

The Victorian Government appointed a Local Government (Councillor Remuneration Review) Panel to review current allowances and advise on councillor remuneration. The Panel also provided recommendations on appropriate reimbursement of expenses and provision of resources support for mayors and councillors.

In April 2008 a new policy was announced.

Recognition and Support: the Victorian Government's Policy Statement on Local Government Mayoral and Councillor Allowances and Resources (PDF, 142.2 KB)

Local Government (Councillor Remuneration Review) Panel Report - completed in January 2008 (PDF, 273.8 KB)
Government's Response to recommendations of the Local Government (Councillor Remuneration Review) Panel Report  (PDF, 53.5 KB)

The new package and policy took effect immediately after the November 2008 Local Government general elections.