Local Government Victoria (LGV) provides advice and support to councils, the Department of Government Services (DGS) and the Minister for Local Government.

We do this in partnership with the local government sector to improve business and governance practices.

Council Finance and performance

LGV develops and implements evidence-based policy and projects that strengthen councils' capacity to meet the needs of Victorian communities.

LGV works with councils to collect and report information about council performance.

The Know Your Council website provides public access to information on local government across Victoria. The site allows you to:

  • view detailed profiles of councils
  • view maps of council areas (local government areas) in Victoria

The council community satisfaction survey measures what the community thinks about their council's advocacy efforts, customer service, consultation on key issues and overall performance.

LGV also publishes best practice guidance on council planning and reporting, procurement and local laws and provides specialist financial and accounting support to rural councils to explore opportunities for shared services and collaborative procurement.

Resilience and emergency management

LGV works with councils to ensure that bushfire and emergency management approaches meet government and community requirements. We do this through investing in community infrastructure and services, overseeing projects and assisting communities in preparing for, and recovering from, emergencies.

The municipal emergency resourcing program provides annual funding to the councils within Country Fire Authority districts across the State

The municipal emergency management enhancement groups support councils to work collaboratively, linking councils with their neighbours and emergency management agencies.

The councils and emergencies project aims to enhance the capability and capacity of councils to meet their obligations in the management of emergencies

Sector investment

LGV administers the State’s responsibilities for the local government sector in the provision of capital and recurrent funding.

The capital programs administered by LGV include:

The recurrent funding programs administered by LGV include:

  • The roadside weeds and pest management program provides funding support to councils to plan and implement control activities for the long-term management of prohibited and restricted weeds and pests on rural roadsides
  • The Premiers' Reading Challenge Book Fund provides an annual allocation to councils, regional library corporations and Vision Australia to buy materials to support the annual Premiers’ Reading Challenge
  • The Public Libraries Funding Program provides recurrent funding to council, regional library corporations and Vision Australia for public libraries.

LGV also provides administrative and policy support to the Victoria Grants Commission. The Commission is responsible for the annual allocation of untied Commonwealth financial assistance grants to councils under general purpose and local roads grants.

Council governance and integrity

LGV administers the councillor conduct framework which provides a clear hierarchy for the management of councillor conduct issues.

LGV provides good governance guidance and support to councils in delivering good governance to their communities.

Partnering with councils

LGV partners with councils and local government peak bodies to deliver a range of programs and plans, including:

The Minister for Local Government

The Minister for Local Government is the minister responsible for overseeing the system of local government in Victoria. The Minister acts as an advocate for local government issues within state government and supports and monitors the system of local government with the assistance of LGV.

The Minister for Local Government may appoint independent bodies under the Local Government Act 2020 to provide advice to councils and report back to the Minister on a range of council structural, operational and governance issues.

The Local Government Mayoral Advisory Panel provides high level advice to the Minister for Local Government on a range of legislative, regulatory, strategic and policy decisions which impact on local government.