The Victorian Government has introduced a mandatory system of performance reporting to ensure that it is consistent across all councils.

Find out more about the performance reporting framework.

Local Government Planning and Reporting Better Practice Guidance

Guidelines for councils using differential rating. These guidelines were published in the Government Gazette in 2013. Councils must have regard for these guidelines when setting differential rates.

Ministerial Guidelines for Differential Rating - April 2013 (PDF)

Ministerial Guidelines for Differential Rating - April 2013 (DOCX)

Guidance to reporting against Local Government Performance Reporting Framework (LGPRF) and Know Your Council Website.

Summary of changes made to the 2015-16 Local Government Better Practice Guide Performance Reporting Framework Indicator Workbook.

Template to assist councils to calculate and report the results for the performance indicators and measures in the Report of Operations and Performance Statement, and upload data onto the Know Your Council website.

Planning and Reporting Guides and Templates

The Local Government Model Financial Report (LGMFR) is published by Local Government Victoria each year to assist councils in preparing annual financial statements in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards.

Guidance to assist councils in preparing their financial statements and notes in accordance with the Local Government Model Financial Report, Australian Accounting Standards and other applicable authoritative requirements.

Highlights changes between 2016-17 and 2015-16 guidance.

Guidance to assist councils in accounting for landfills including a worked example and supporting calculations.