The resource materials and support for councils to implement the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act) are available on this page. The resources are organised in alignment with the structure of the Act.

Following the implementation of the Act, work is underway to migrate the relevant implementation resources from our Engage Victoria website to the Local Government Victoria website. This transition will include a review of what ongoing resources are required, including those currently listed as draft.

Part 1 - Preliminary

Section 2 -  Commencement

There are transitional arrangements from the Local Government Act 1989 to the Local Government Act 2020. The following link identifies the parts of the 2020 Act where transitional arrangements are in place and their alignment to proclamation dates.

Transitional Arrangements - All stages v2.pdf (PDF, 199.95 KB)

Transitional Arrangements - All stages v2.docx (DOCX, 275.84 KB)

Transitional Arrangements - Saved Provisions from 1989 Act.pdf (PDF, 237.52 KB)

Transitional Arrangements - Saved Provisions from 1989 Act.docx (DOCX, 265.38 KB)

Part 2 - Councils

Section 18 - Role of the Mayor

Inform - Matters relating to the Mayor

Section 21 - Role and Powers of the Deputy Mayor

Inform - Matters relating to the Deputy Mayor

Section 32 - Councillor Induction Training

Co-design - Councillor Induction Training

Section 41 - Council Expenses Policy

Consult - Council Expenses Policy

Section 47 - Delegations by Chief Executive Officer

Inform - Delegations and Authorised Officers

Section 54 - Audit and Risk Committee Charter

Consult - Risk and Audit Committee

Part 3 - Council decision making

Section 30 - Oath or Affirmation of Office

Inform - Oath or Affirmation of Office

Section 55 - Community Engagement Policy

Co-design - Community Engagement

Section 57 - Public Transparency Policy

Co-design - Public Transparency

Section 60 - Governance Rules

Co-design - Governance Rules

Section 63 - Delegated Committees

Co-design - Delegated Committees and Community Asset Committees

Part 6 - Council Integrity

Section 123 - Misuse of Position

Inform - Improper Conduct

Section 130 - Disclosure of conflict of interest

Co-design - Conflict of Interest

Section 138 - Councillor Gift Policy

Inform - Anonymous Gifts and Gift Policy

Section 139 - Councillor Code of Conduct

Consult - Councillor Code of Conduct

Part 7 - Ministerial Oversight

Section 175 - Minister may give Direction

Section 177 - Application for Compliance Exemptions

Inform - Governance Directions and Compliance Exemptions

Section 179 - Municipal Monitor

Inform - Municipal Monitors

Section 182 - Appointment of Chief Municipal Inspector

Inform - Chief Municipal Inspector

Section 200 - Appointment of Commission of Inquiry

Inform - Commissions of Inquiry

Section 230 - Suspension of all of the Councillors of a Council

Section 232 - Temporary administration if multiple extraordinary vacancies created

Inform - Suspension of Councillors and Temporary Administration

Part 8 - Electoral Provisions

Section 256 - Candidate for election

Consult - Mandatory Candidate Training

Part 12 - COVID-19 temporary meaures

Section 394 - Council meeting attendance

Ministerial Good Practice Guideline 1 (MGPG-1): Virtual Meetings

This guideline provides information to support councils and regional library corporations to implement virtual meetings; council meetings; a joint meeting of councils; delegated committee or joint delegated committee meetings; a meeting of a governing body of a regional library; or special committee meetings.

These re-issued guidelines remain in effect until 1 September 2022.

Minister's Good Practice Guidelines  MGPG-1: Virtual Meetings

Read more about the Ministerial Good Practice Guidelines here.