Social procurement environment and opportunities mapping methodology project

The Social Procurement: Expert Support Program has led to the development and implementation of this methodology project.

Purpose of the methodology

The methodology provides a framework for mapping and analysing the local opportunities for social procurement.

Essentially, the methodology identifies what a council needs to know to recognise and undertake social procurement. 

Priority - Local issues

Using readily available information, key unemployment/disadvantage issues that a council is aiming to address will be identified.

Demand – Future investment and opportunities

Councils will map upcoming service and infrastructure investment coming from local, State and Federal Government, as well as from private investors.

Potential investment will be reviewed to ensure it is relevant and compatible with the projects’ desired social outcomes.

Supply – Job readiness and skill development

Councils will be given the tools to map their existing local employment-focused community enterprises and service providers, such as job agencies, TAFE and employment brokers.

This mapping will reveal the gaps between local supply and the skills a project needs. Councils can then determine how to address the gaps.

Analysis and planning

After determining investment opportunities and available skills, councils can analyse how to address local unemployment/disadvantage issues.