Local Government Victoria (LGV) works across municipal, regional and state tiers to support councils to meet their legislative and community emergency management responsibilities. We deliver projects and initiatives that build the capability, capacity and resilience of councils before, during and after emergencies.

Supporting councils at the local, regional and state tiers

LGV supports councils to work collaboratively to build emergency management capability, capacity and resilience.

To gain a better understanding of collaboration in emergency management and to find out about Victoria's wider emergency management arrangements, visit Emergency Management Victoria’s website.

Continuous improvement

LGV delivered the Councils and Emergencies Project in consultation with councils. The project identified 94 emergency management responsibilities and activities councils can carry out before, during and after an emergency. Councils then evaluated their preparedness against these responsibilities and activities and identified actions to address their areas for improvement. These actions form the ongoing continuous improvement work to support councils.

The following documents were produced through the project:

To find out what your council is doing in emergency management visit their website.

Municipal Emergency Resourcing Program

The ongoing program provides annual funding to 64 councils to improve their emergency management capability and capacity.

To learn more about MERP, visit the MERP webpage.

Emergency Recovery Funding Programs

LGV administers funding programs to councils to support communities impacted by emergencies. To find out which programs are currently active, go to the funding webpage.

If you would like more information on LGV’s role in supporting councils in emergency management, email: lgv.emergencies@dgs.vic.gov.au