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The action plan is an important resource for Victorian councils. It recognises, celebrates and shares good practice and presents a practical framework to help councils:

  • improve relationships with Aboriginal communities
  • promote reconciliation
  • engage Aboriginal people in planning, decision-making, employment, programs and services.
Thank you to all individuals, community groups and organisations who contributed to the development of the Victorian Aboriginal and Local Government Action Plan.

It was launched in December 2016 by the former Minister for Local Government and Aboriginal Affairs, the Hon. Natalie Hutchins, at Bangerang Cultural Centre in Shepparton.

The action plan showcases a range of best practice initiatives put forward by communities across Victoria to show the diversity of partnerships and the outcomes that can be achieved. Local government is central to the achievement of the economic, equity and liveability outcomes for all Victorians. The case studies, resources and guidelines in the action plan make it a practical resource for communities to achieve these goals.

Local Government Victoria has been coordinating the implementation of the action plan since 2016 with guidance from an Implementation Partnership Group consisting of stakeholder organisations, local government representatives and members of the Aboriginal community.

Highlights of achievements

Victorian Aboriginal and Local Government Action Plan Review and Future Strategy

The plan is currently being reviewed through an Aboriginal self-determination approach to enable strong voice and engagement with Aboriginal communities and councils, so that the rights, culture, heritage, needs and aspirations of Aboriginal Victorians are embedded into the critical work and functioning of local government through a future strategy. Engagement with Aboriginal communities and councils across Victoria have commenced, and we expect to finalise the strategy in late 2021.

Further information

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