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Victorian Aboriginal and Local Government Action Plan (PDF, 2.9 MB)
Victorian Aboriginal and Local Government Action Plan (DOCX, 153.4 KB)

The action plan is an important resource for Victorian councils. It recognises, celebrates and shares good practice and presents a practical framework to help councils:

  • improve relationships with Aboriginal communities
  • promote reconciliation
  • engage Aboriginal people in planning, decision-making, employment, programs and services.

Local Government Victoria (LGV) developed the plan in consultation with councils and Aboriginal communities. Communities were invited to nominate case studies of best practice initiatives in their region to showcase in the plan. The cases studies, resources and guidelines in the plan make it a practical resource.

LGV will lead the implementation of the Action Plan. Guidance will come from a Steering Committee consisting of stakeholder organisations, local government representatives and members of the Aboriginal community.

An implementation plan is in development. It will detail specific actions, timeframes, measures and resources to carry out the Action Plan.  

Local government is central to the achievement of the economic, equity and liveability outcomes for all Victorians.  Councils have a critical role to play in closing the gap in life chances for Aboriginal Victorians.

Thank you to all individuals, community groups and organisations who contributed to the development of the Victorian Aboriginal and Local Government Action Plan.

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