New Know Your Council website provides information and transparency.

The Victorian Government's new Know Your Council website is an accessible, easy to understand online resource that helps the community

  • understand how councils work
  • explore information about their council area and the wide range of services delivered
  • compare a council's performance to similar councils.

The website is a valuable resource for residents, ratepayers and the general community, as well as councillors, council staff and other stakeholders including local government sector peak bodies, research bodies, state government and academics.

Know Your Council enables you to find out how your council  performs in key areas such as pools, waste, libraries and more and how their performance compares to similar councils. You can also learn who makes up your council, and what kinds of services they provide for you.

The Know Your Council website is part of Victorian Government reforms that seek to achieve three higher order goals in local government: integrity and good governance, capacity and performance, and delivering for communities.

Explore the website at:

Know Your Council