Changes to voter entitlements made by the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act) continue to be phased in ahead of the 2024 Local Government general elections, with the final stage of the reforms coming into effect.

From the 2024 Local Government elections onwards, the automatic entitlement under section 243 of the Act no longer applies and all owners not otherwise enrolled on the State roll, will need to apply to be enrolled if they wish to vote.

A Guidance Note has been prepared by the Victorian Electoral Commission and Local Government Victoria to provide guidance to councils in relation to the preparation of voters’ rolls for the 2024 Local Government general election.

Guidance for Councils

Guidance Note - Enrolment for the 2024 Local Government Election

Please be advised that this guidance note is designed to assist councils in their implementation of the legislation. It does not constitute legal advice and councils should seek their own advice about the application of the legislation to their municipality.