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Eltham Multi-Use Community Facility can further support community health and wellbeing with the addition of three new courts.

Eltham Multi Use

Member for Eltham, Vicki Ward MP, representing Minister for Local Government Shaun Leane officially launched the new Eltham Multi-use Community Facility on Saturday 14th May 2022.

The project has delivered three new club-level, flexi-paved courts with lights and fencing, compliant with Tennis Australia standards.

The new courts have been surfaced to be suitable for future wheelchair tennis programs and multi-use line marking will allow the centre to support netball, futsal and other recreational and community activities.

The Victorian Government contributed $1,302,067 to the project, through the 2019-20 Growing Suburbs Fund.

“I’m proud of the investment the Victorian Government has made in Nillumbik to support the health and wellbeing of this growing community.”

“Providing opportunities for sports and leisure that are accessible and that cater to different needs are essential to make sure everyone has the opportunity to keep fit and be well.”

Shaun Leane - Minister fofr Local Government

“Our community’s needs are growing as our community grows and it’s great to see the Victorian Government delivering projects like the Eltham Sports Multi Use Community Facility that are vital to community health.”

“I’m thrilled this new facility is now open which provides yet more opportunities for the local community to be healthy and thrive”

Vicki Ward - Member for Eltham

Eltham Leisure Centre is now more sustainable thanks to the installation of a major new solar system.

Eltham LC Solar

Member for Eltham, Vicki Ward MP, representing Minister for Local Government Shaun Leane officially launched the new Eltham Leisure Centre Solar Systems on Friday 6th May 2022.

The new solar system has enhanced the sustainability of the facility, with the local and broader community standing to benefit from financial savings along with reductions in greenhouse gas pollution.

The Eltham Leisure Centre Solar Panels and Associated Infrastructure project received

$270,000 from the Victorian Government 2020-21 Growing Suburbs Fund, with Nillumbik Shire Council contributing $272,127.

The project has delivered the following at the Eltham Leisure Centre:

  • 267kWp rooftop solar PV
  • Battery back-up systems for change rooms, toilets/showers, and reception area
  • Two electric vehicle charging stands with capacity for four vehicles.
  • Public monitoring displays and interpretation signage (both on site and online accessible)
  • Integration of systems with existing building management systems.

“The Victorian Government is helping fast growing communities like those in Nillumbik get the quality community facilities they need so they can continue to thrive as the population increases.”

“By reducing the energy emissions of local facilities and supporting sustainable energy options we’re aiming to support more livable communities and enhance their quality of life."

Shaun Leane - Minister for Local Government

“It’s great to see the Victorian Government supporting projects like this that improve wellbeing in our community.”

“Eltham Leisure Centre is an important facility in the local community and it’s terrific to see Nillumbik Council getting the investment it needs to upgrade community facilities."

Vicki Ward - Member for Eltham

The laneways of Sunbury have received a makeover to make them more connected, welcoming and safer for locals and visitors.

Min Leane Sunbury Town Centre

Minister for Local Government Shaun Leane and local MP Josh Bull officially opened the laneways project on Wednesday 4th May 2022.  This precinct improvement project upgraded Link Arcade, Old Bakery Walk and Decakis Lane, giving them a fresh new look, making them more accessible and improving connections in the area.

The Connecting Sunbury Town Centre project received $375,000 from the 2018-19 Growing Suburbs Fund (GSF), with Hume City Council contributing $400,436.  Upgrades to the Sunbury laneways have improved the amenity and accessibility of the Sunbury town centre, creating a more connected shopping and business district.

The project has delivered:

  • New wider bitumen and granite banded footpaths
  • New tree planting
  • Local space for street art
  • Increased lighting and seating
  • Additional new space for place making initiative
  • A stronger and more connected shopping and business district

"Projects like these mean so much to local residents and business owners. Whether they live in the heart of the city or in the country, or in the outer suburbs, everyone deserves the best possible facilities close to home.”

Shaun Leane – Minister for Local Government

Work has commenced on providing the growing community of Mickleham its newest community centre.

Merrifield South CC

Member for Hume, The Hon. Ros Spence MP and Minister for Early Childhood, Ingrid Stitt MP turned the first sod at the site on Friday 29th April 2022.

The Merrifield South Community Centre has been designed as a one-stop hub for people to access a wide range of community services. Expected to open in mid-2023, the Merrifield South Community Centre will be a versatile and practical facility for families and the entire community and will offer:

  • Consulting rooms for maternal and child health services and specialist services
  • Two kindergarten rooms to address the growing demand for three- and four-year-old kindergarten programs in the area
  • A variety of large and small community meeting spaces to be used for community groups, functions and events.

Member for Hume, The Hon. Ros Spence MP and Minister for Early Childhood, Ingrid Stitt MP congratulated the Hume City Council for partnering with the Victorian Government to bring forward this much needed critical $7.4 million infrastructure project.

Project contributions:

  • Hume City Council - $3,415,957
  • Growing Suburbs Fund - $2,000,000 (2020-21 Round 2)
  • Building Blocks Capacity Building Grant (DET) - $2,000,000

This project will ensure that of the rapidly growing community of Merrifield South will have access to quality community space and appropriate early years facilities.

The playpace at Mooroolbark Heights Reserve will soon have new equipment including a parkour space for the young, and young at heart to enjoy.

Mooroolbark Heights

On Friday 22nd April 2022, Minister for Local Government Shaun Leane, together with Member for Eastern Metropolitan Region Sonja Terpstra officially broke ground on the upgrade project.

The Mooroolbark Heights Recreation Reserve Playspace project received $150,000 from the Victorian Government 2020-21 Round 2 Growing Suburbs Fund, with Yarra Ranges Shire Council contributing $150,000.

Aligned with best practice design, the renewed playspace will offer a variety of elements for intergenerational, imaginative, education and nature play for a variety of user groups. The project will deliver:

  • An improved playspace, with a focus on connecting people to place and providing play opportunities for a range of ages and abilities;
  • A safe area for children to interact with nature, play on equipment and be physically active
  • Increased accessibility
  • Installation of new furniture, providing additional seating that is accessible to people with restricted mobility and the construction of a new path
  • Landscaping to further improve the amenity of the area and provide opportunities for interaction with nature

“I'm happy to break ground on this project that's sure to delight locals of all ages – giving them new equipment and facilities to enjoy close to home.”

“I’m proud that the Victorian Government is supporting projects like these, working with local government to serve our fast-growing communities.”

Shaun Leane - Minister for Local Government

“It's great to see the State Government recognising the needs of communities are changing as the population grows. We all deserve beautiful public spaces to call our own.”

Sonja Terpstra - Member for Eastern Metropolitan Region

The revamped and expanded Strong Drive Children’s Centre in Hampton Park is open for play!

Strong Drive

Minister for Local Government Shaun Leane and local MP Gary Maas officially opened the Children’s Centre on Thursday 31 March 2022.

The redevelopment of the Strong Drive Children’s Centre has made four-year-old kindergarten available for up to 50 additional children and offers new vibrant spaces for early years and family support programs such as playgroups and maternal and child health for the Hampton Park and surrounding communities to connect, learn and grow together.

Delivered by Casey City Council and supported by a $1 million contribution from the 2020-2021 round of the Victorian Government’s Growing Suburbs Fund.

This $1.334 million project has delivered:

  • the redevelopment of the existing Kindergarten room and Maternal and Child Health consulting room
  • an expansion and upgrade of the existing community room and amenities to create a flexible and licensed kindergarten room and dual community space
  • the creation of an integrated and shared entrance and waiting area complete with public amenities
  • an update to the external building façade
  • improvements to the outdoor landscaped areas and
  • fittings, furnishings, and equipment as required.

“Children’s Centre’s such as Strong Drive are supporting our growing local communities, delivering the modern infrastructure young families need.”

Shaun Leane - Minister for Local Government

“The fund supports the creation of community connections, enhanced services, and provides greater opportunities at the local level. It also helps communities thrive and adapt to change.”

Gary Maas - Member for Narre Warren South