These six points aim to build council capacity and performance. They are part of the 2015 Ministerial 17-point action plan to reform Victorian local government.

Action Plan

The strategic areas for action in the Ministerial Statement are supported by a 17-point action plan.

Actions 1 - 3: Integrity and governance
Actions 4 - 9: Capacity and performance
Actions 10 - 17: Delivering for communities

Local government reform actions 4-9: capacity and performance

Action 4: Implement the Performance and Reporting Framework

The Know Your Council website was launched in November 2015.  The community can compare their council's performance and capacity with that of 'like' councils across a broad suite of metrics.

The site provides targeted support to improve all aspects of council business and dramatically improve accountability.

Action 5: Support innovative sustainable business practices

Innovations in technology, paired with a stronger evidence base, will support business system reform to achieve further efficiencies in areas such as procurement, waste management, planning, infrastructure investment and human services.

A range of innovations in the areas of shared services and improved waste management was announced in late 2015. The government will continue to work with councils to deliver better outcomes for local communities in these and other areas of council business.

Action 6: Keeping Victorian communities safe in emergencies

Climate change and growing security threats are increasing the demand for emergency management.

Government will review the Municipal Emergency Resourcing Program in partnership with the MAV to ensure the program is effective in supporting local government's capacity to manage emergencies. This work is strengthening the vital role councils play in operational activities to support critical response agencies, inform local communities, coordinate emergency relief and rebuild affected communities.

Action 7: Implement the Victorian Common Funding Agreement

The government is playing its part in streamlining the administrative burden on local government and has implemented a Victorian Common Funding Agreement for use by all Victorian Government departments contracting with councils.

Action 8: Reduce avoidable administrative burden

Having established a common funding agreement, government will harmonise and eradicate unnecessary activity reporting wherever possible to free councils to deliver for their communities.

Embedding a uniform, outcome-based performance and reporting framework has improved strategic intelligence available to the government on the health of the sector, providing scope to remove unnecessary activity reporting. By continuing to reduce avoidable administrative burden we will create efficiencies for local government and improve councils' service capacity.

Action 9: Consider local government impacts in Cabinet submissions

The government has achieved a major commitment of the Victorian State-Local Government Agreement by embedding a local government impact statement in all Cabinet submissions. Initiated in January 2016, this provides confidence that all Government policy and legislative proposals will take account of the impacts on councils and local communities in all proposals coming before Cabinet.

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