COVID restrictions - Local Government Guidance

Safely reopening Victoria

The coronavirus (COVID-19) roadmap for reopening provides steps on easing restrictions, dependent on how many active coronavirus (COVID-19) cases are in the community and public health advice.

From 11:59pm on 18 October 2020, changes were made to restrictions in both metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. Read the Statement from the Premier for more detail.

Summer Preparedness

With the summer season imminent, property owners in bushfire prone areas, floodway or other hazard overlays must prepare their property to help reduce the risk of natural emergencies.

The Victorian Government recently announced that travel exemptions to complete this work will be available.

Metropolitan Melbourne residents are currently restricted from travelling more than 25 kilometres in metropolitan Melbourne and are unable to travel to regional Victoria – except for a small number of exemptions. To prepare their properties, letters are required to enable property owners from metropolitan Melbourne to travel to other areas of metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, or for property owners from regional Victoria to travel to metropolitan Melbourne.

While travel is allowed if the property owner has been issued with a Fire Prevention Notice, councils will now also be able to issue a letter of support for property owners to travel to attend their property before an emergency for preparation activities.

Frequently Asked Questions about summer preparedness and the council approval scheme have been published and are available on the coronavirus website emergencies page.

Health information

Department of Health and Human Services coronavirus (COVID-19) information can be found at or by calling the dedicated coronavirus hotline on: 1800 675 398.

Council Services

Councils provide important services to their communities. Under current restrictions, some services can continue operating, while others must be modified, reduced or suspended.

Each council is responsible for making decisions about its services in accordance with the restrictions.

Industry restriction levels (IRL) are published on the coronavirus website as they are approved. There are several roadmaps for councils and others for specific industries that can be used for council purposes.

Council services have been listed in the table below. Each entry includes an indicative list of service components to help councils interpret the roadmap. Information within this guide is sourced from the coronavirus website:

Links within the table will take you to the relevant page on the coronavirus website.

Staff safety

All staff not working from home must adhere to the current instructions for hygiene, physical distancing and face coverings. Staff must also carry a valid worker permit with them when travelling to and from work. Further information on worker permits is available on the coronavirus website.

Information and resources to help councils and their employees stay physically and mentally well in the workplace during coronavirus (COVID‑19) is also available on the coronavirus website.

Council ServiceIRL Link


In-home domestic assistance including personal care (e.g. showering and dressing), cleaning, waste removal, assisted food and grocery shopping, assisted meal preparation or delivery (e.g. meals-on-wheels), home maintenance, respite care (e.g. assistance to carers), assisted financial management. Out-of-home domestic assistance including community transport (e.g. shopping and appointments) or planned activity groups.
Community Services – Healthcare and social assistance


Animal pound/ shelter services, dangerous dog seizures, nuisance animal complaints, collection of stray companion animals, wandering stock investigation, animal business registration and pet registration and permits.
Community Services – Other, Animal Management Services


Community and multicultural events, festivals, concerts.
Tourism, culture, entertainment, events, sport and recreation – Outdoor entertainment venues


Neighbourhood houses, art galleries, museums, senior citizens clubs, youth centres and community halls.
Community Services – Community facilities and libraries


Communications, finance, information technology, human resources and administrative functions for council services.
Industry, food and personal services – Offices and professional services


Storage and maintenance of machinery and vehicles, equipment ordering and dispatch.
Industry, food and personal services – Small Scale Construction or Large Scale Construction


Capital works, emergency asset works and construction or maintenance (regular or emergency) of roads, footpaths, drainage and flood systems and signage.
Industry, food and personal services – Small Scale Construction or Large Scale Construction


Public communication interface including, physical customer services centres, call centre services, website services and email services.
Industry, food and personal services – Offices and professional services


Local business support and development, tourism information centres, caravan parks, camping grounds.
Tourism, culture, entertainment, events, sport and recreation – Accommodation providers


Registration, inspection and investigation of food businesses and farmers markets, health and beauty businesses, tobacco retailers, prescribed accommodation, nuisances, domestic wastewater, infectious diseases and notifiable diseases.
Community Services – Other, Regulation and Compliance


Tourism, culture, entertainment, events, sport and recreation – Museums and galleries (indoor)


Immunisations for infants and children, secondary school students and general public.
Community Services – Healthcare and social assistance


Sessional Kindergarten, Long Day Care, Outside School Hours Care, Family Day Care and In-Home Care.
Community Services – Early childhood education and care


Book/ magazine/ DVD/ toy lending, community meeting spaces, computer and internet access and story time sessions.
Community Services – Community facilities and libraries


Key age and stage consultations, home visits, centre appointments, group programs (e.g. parents’ group and breastfeeding classes), support groups (e.g. postnatal depression) and playgroups.
Community Services – Healthcare and social assistance


Council Meetings, Committees and Briefings, election campaigning.
Community Services – Other, Mayor and Councillor Business


Municipal and Regional Emergency Management Planning Committee meetings, emergency relief coordination, recovery centres, emergency relief centres, emergency risk assessments and fire prevention program.
Community Services – Other, Municipal Emergency Management and Relief


Enforcement of red, green and blue parking signs and on-street presence.
Community Services – Other, Regulation and Compliance


Parks, gardens, dog parks, nature strips, roadsides, beaches, golf courses, ovals and walking tracks, skateparks, playgrounds, outdoor gym equipment, drinking fountains, public toilet, graffiti removal, dangerous tree removal.


Sporting pavilions, gyms, stadiums, aquatic centres, fitness classes, personal training, change rooms.
Tourism, culture, entertainment, events, sport and recreation – Indoor physical recreation facilities


Undertake responsibilities of the Municipal Building Surveyor (including enforcement of the Building Act and Regulations within the municipality and responding to emergencies and threats to safety and property), assessing and issuing building and asset protection permits, and assessing applications for siting and design variations.
Community Services – Other, Regulation and Compliance


Preparing and amending the Victoria Planning Provisions and planning schemes, assessing planning applications and granting permits under schemes, enforcing compliance with planning schemes and permits.
Community Services – Other, Regulation and Compliance


Collection of residential and business kerbside bins including landfill, recycling, food and garden organic waste, illegal dumping investigations and prosecutions, litter programs, hard rubbish/ garden waste collections and community education.
Community Services – Waste services


Transfer stations, landfills, tip shops, recycling centres, garden or food organic centres and disposal of e-waste, chemical and dangerous waste.
Community Services – Waste services

Safe Campaigning Guidelines

Local Government Victoria and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) have released updated Safe Campaign Guidelines for the October local government elections.

The guidelines now reflect the most current advice from the roadmap to recovery announced on Sunday 6 September.

The guidelines will help candidates understand how to comply with the directions of the Victorian Chief Health Officer, and how to stay safe while campaigning.

With separate advice for candidates in regional Victoria and Metropolitan Melbourne, the guidelines will provide advice for candidates on what campaign activities are permitted in their area.

Metropolitan Melbourne

At 11:59pm on Sunday 13 September, distribution of campaign flyers/material in letterboxes, and the placement of billboards and posters will be allowed in metropolitan Melbourne.

Metropolitan Melbourne - Safe Campaigning Guidelines (PDF, 72.7 KB)

Regional Victoria

At 11:59pm on Sunday 13 September, regional Victoria will move to Step 2 of the recovery roadmap. There are no changes to campaign activities that are currently allowed.

Regional Victoria - Safe Campaigning Guidelines (PDF, 393.2 KB)

Local Government Victoria bulletins to Local Government

Please note that all references to the Local Government Bill 2019 now refer to the Local Government Act 2020 that received Royal Assent on 24 March 2020.

22 October - Bulletin 70/2020 Virtual Meetings Extension In Omnibus Bill Passes Parliament

20 October - Bulletin 69/2020 Supporting Residents Prepare Properties for the Summer Season

19 October - Bulletin 68/2020 Summary of Changes to Restrictions for Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria

13 October - Bulletin 67/2020 Transfer Stations and Landfill Levy Rate Changes - Further Deferral

6 October - Bulletin 66/2020 - Parking Enforcement Guidance Updated

2 October - Bulletin 65/2020 - Business Resilience Grants Open for Local Businesses

28 September - Bulletin 64/2020 - Reopening Roadmaps and Eased Restrictions

16 September - Bulletin 61/2020 - Regional Victoria to move to Third Step of the Roadmap for Reopening

6 September - Bulletin 58/2020 - Reopening Roadmaps Released

21 August - Bulletin 55/2020 - Stage 4 Restrictions - Council Business Guidance

13 August - Bulletin 53/2020 - Enforcement of Local Laws - Parking

31 July - Bulletin 52/2020 - Safe Campaigning Guidelines Published

22 July - Bulletin 51/2020 - State of Emergency Extended and Face Coverings Made Mandatory

9 July - Bulletin 48/2020 - Updated Directions for COVID-19 Restrictions from 8 July 2020

29 June - Bulletin 46/2020 - Helping Get Local Businesses Safely Back on Their Feet

23 June - Bulletin 45/2020 - Further Changes to Restrictions

4 June - Bulletin 41/2020 - Information from The Chief Health Officer for Local Governments

  • Attachment 1 (Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 CHO Letter to Local Government CEO 3 June 2020)

25 May - Bulletin 39/2020 - Further Easing of Restrictions

15 May - Bulletin 38/2020 - 2020 Local Government General Elections to Proceed as Planned

15 May - Bulletin 37/2020 - Extension of Waste Collection Hours During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

11 May - Bulletin 36/2020 - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Easing of Restrictions

4 May - Bulletin 35/2020 - Landfill Levy Rate Rises Deferred

29 Apr - Bulletin 34/2020 - Ministerial Good Practice Guideline MGPG-1: Virtual Meetings

27 Apr - Bulletin 33/2020 - Planning Matters and Conduct of Council Meetings

23 Apr - Bulletin 32/2020 - Supporting Local Construction Activity

22 Apr - Bulletin 31/2020 - Firewood Collection

17 Apr - Bulletin 29/2020 - Coronavirus COVID-19 – Emergency Food Relief

16 Apr - Bulletin 28/2020 - Council Waste Services, Recycling and Transfer Stations

16 Apr - Bulletin 27/2020 - Bill to Enable Virtual Council Meetings Introduced into Parliament Next Week

9 Apr - Bulletin 26/2020 - Extension for Adoption of Budgets, Strategic Resource Plans and Annual Reports

9 Apr - Bulletin 25/2020 - Update – COVID-19 Beach Closures

6 Apr - Bulletin 24/2020 - Fortnightly Meetings with Sector Representatives

1 Apr - Bulletin 23/2020 - COVID-19 Directions and Workplaces

  • Attachment 1 (Letter to Local Government Chief Executive - COVID-19 Update)

30 Mar - Bulletin 22/2020 - Economic Survival Package to Support Businesses and Jobs

30 Mar - Bulletin 21/2020 - Stage 3 Restrictions

29 Mar - Bulletin 20/2020 - Victorian Beaches

27 Mar - Bulletin 19/2020 - Request for Action – Victorian Beaches

27 Mar - Bulletin 18/2020 - Assisting Healthcare Workers and Patients to Travel

27 Mar - Bulletin 17/2020 - Appropriate Use of PPE for Non-Health Services

  • Attachment 1 (Guidance on The Rational Use of PPE for COVID-19 For Non-Health Services)

27 Mar - Bulletin 16/2020 - Support of Vulnerable People in Emergencies

26 Mar - Bulletin 15/2020 - Mass Gathering Direction 3 and Non-Essential Business Closure 2 from the Deputy Chief Health Officer

25 Mar - Bulletin 14/2020 - Information for Caravan Park and Camping Ground Owners and Operators on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

23 Mar - Bulletin 12/2020 - Mass Gathering Direction 2 and Non-Essential Business Closure from the Deputy Chief Health Officer

18 Mar - Bulletin 11/2020 - Mass Gathering Directions from the Deputy Chief Health Officer

  • Attachment 1 (Chief Health Officer Direction)

18 Mar - Bulletin 10/2020 - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Transmission Reduction Measures

18 Mar - Bulletin 9/2020 - Council Meetings - Updated

18 Mar - Bulletin 9/2020 - Council Meetings

17 Mar - Bulletin 8/2020 - Direction from the Chief Health Officer

13 Mar - Bulletin 7/2020 - Assisting Supermarkets Respond to Demand

12 Mar - Bulletin 6/2020 - COVID-19

Local Government Victoria is available to provide advice to councils on 1300 764 373 for urgent queries and at for all non-urgent queries.

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