The emergency management sector has made a real commitment to better understand its capacity and capability, to achieve its goal of safer and more resilient communities. Local governments are a critical partner in the delivery of emergency management in Victoria and the Councils and Emergencies Project provides a unique opportunity for local governments and the sector to evaluate and address gaps in their emergency management capacity and capability.

The Councils and Emergencies project is a multi-year, three phased project that aims to enhance the emergency management capability and capacity of local governments to meet their obligations in the management of emergencies. It is listed as one of the state-wide strategic priorities within the Victorian Emergency Management Strategic Action Plan following initial recognition in the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry Report.

Councils and Emergencies Phases

Phase One of the project provided a comprehensive overview of the emergency management roles and responsibilities of local government. The Councils and Emergencies Position Paper identified 94 emergency management responsibilities and activities local government can carry out before, during and after an emergency.

Councils and Emergencies Project Phases

This was undertaken in consultation with Victorian councils’ and the wider emergency management sector.

Councils and emergencies directions paper

Published in January 2017, the Directions Paper was developed using feedback from initial consultation with councils’ and the emergency management sector. It identified councils’ emergency management responsibilities and actions (as at Jan 2017) including how they collaborate with each other and with emergency management agencies. The Paper was released for consultation and LGV received formal submissions from councils, state government and emergency management agencies.

Councils and emergencies position paper

Published in December 2017, the position paper provides a comprehensive overview of the emergency management responsibilities and activities councils can undertake for the betterment of their local communities. The release of the position paper marks the completion of phase one of the project.

Councils and emergencies consultation report

Published in December 2017, the Consultation Report provides an in-depth analysis of the rigorous consultation process that began in 2016. The consultation report highlights key feedback received from local government and the emergency management sector and explains how it was used by LGV to inform the development of the Position Paper.

Phase two is currently underway and aims to understand councils’ emergency management capability and capacity based on the identified needs and risk profile of each individual municipality.

In May 2019, each council will be asked to complete an evaluation of its emergency management capability and capacity.

Councils’ will have around 8 weeks (closing 21 June 2019) to complete the evaluation using an online platform. The evaluation will identify organisational gaps and strengths against the emergency management responsibilities and activities identified in the Phase One Position Paper.

To support councils to complete the evaluation, LGV has invited each council to attend a workshop to learn about Phase Two and the capability and capacity evaluation. Workshops will be held around the state at the following locations:

BendigoLoddon Mallee29 April 201910am-12pm
BallaratGrampians29 April 20192pm-4pm
HorshamGrampians30 April 201911am-1pm
WarrnamboolBarwon South West1 May 201910am-12pm
MaribyrnongPort Phillip2 May 201910am-12pm
MonashPort Phillip6 May 201910am-12pm
TraralgonGippsland7 May 201911am-1pm
BenallaHume8 May 201911am-1pm
Video ConferenceAll10 May 201910am-12pm

Following closure of the evaluation period, all council results will be analysed and published in the Phase Two Summary Report according to council groupings (e.g. metropolitan, rural). Individual council results will not be published in this report but will be available to each individual council.

For more information about Phase Two, please read the Phase Two Brochure.

Phase three aims to develop strategies to address gaps in councils’ emergency management capability and capacity.

LGV will work with councils and state government agencies to develop strategies and plans to enhance the local government sector emergency management capability and capacity. The focus will be on capability and capacity gaps identified in Phase Two of the project.

The strategies and plans will also align to other sector reform including the Victorian Preparedness Framework and Resilient Recovery to build safer and more resilient communities.

A Final Report will be developed for the State Crisis and Resilience Council’s consideration before being published. 

Phase 3 is yet to commence.

Further Information

For more information on this project please contact:

Wayne Buckman
Senior Project Manager - Resilience and Capability
Esther Daniel
Senior Project Officer - Resilience and Capability

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