The emergency management sector wants to ensure that councils have the skills and expertise they need to meet their emergency management obligations. This is listed as 'priority B' for action under the Victorian Emergency Management Strategic Action Plan.

The project has three distinct phases:

  1. Clarify and confirm the current emergency management responsibilities of local government.
  2. Assess the capacity and capability of councils in meeting their emergency management obligations.
  3. Develop strategies and plans to address emergency management capability and capacity gaps.
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Define local government's future emergency management role Assess local government's emergency capability Develop emergency capability action plans
LGV will bring councils and emergency management agencies together to clarify the future emergency management of local government. LGV will consult with councils and other stakeholders to assess what emergency management skills and expertise are needed by councils LGV will work with councils and other stakeholder to develop and implement action plans to enhance councils' skills and expertise.


In May and June 2016, LGV held 16 workshops across Victoria talking to over 300 people (from 68 councils and 19 emergency management agencies) concerning the role of local government in emergency management both now and into the future.  The workshop findings are provided in an independent report below:

Councils and Emergencies (PDF, 2.9 MB)
Councils and Emergencies (DOCX, 546.0 KB)

Directions Paper

The paper has been released for a period of four months to obtain formal submissions from councils, state government and emergency management agencies.  The deadline for making a submission is 8 May 2017.

To make a submission please visit Engage Victoria

See Councils and Emergencies Directions Paper

Further information

For more information on this project please contact Lachlan Kelsall or Damien Taylor.